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  • Berny Bacic’s career has been established over 25 years, with her design practice spanning graphic design, branding and art direction, where she has brought colour and emotion to the projects she has worked on. Beyond her commercial practice, she is also an accomplished visual artist, and her work has travelled across the globe to the US, Canada and Southeast Asia. Here she gives insight into her creative practice, how it's linked to mindfulness, flowing movement and raw textures. How would you describe yourself and your practice?  I describe what I do as Design

  • We recently caught up with Tim Lee, director of Latitude Lighting, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Having worked in electrical construction and the lighting industry for more than 20 years, Tim knew he wanted to do things differently, and do them better. For him, better means taking more environmental responsibility, and always working with good people.   Latitude’s Values An essential value guiding Latitude Lighting is the reduction of glare, a disruptive element in lighting environments. Latitude's solution involves installing technically advanced light sources with quality diffusers, resulting in a noticeable reduction in

  • FOLI’s oversized, punchy form provides ample surface area to soak up noise where it starts: Above tables full of lively discussion, cutlery, moving chairs and cheerful laughter. Less distracting background noise offers dining clients more intimate moments of relaxation and enjoyment, for a better dining experience where the whole space is acoustically calmer. The versatile design can be dressed up or down from a casual dining setting through to decadent cocktail venues. The sleek, slim profile can adapt to either hang as a low pendant, or sit in a tessellated group

  • [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Elegantly designed with 70’s inspired geometric lines and a curved, plump underside, the super-sized surface area of our FOLI Acoustic Light works by absorbing sound waves before they bounce from surface to surface. Measuring over 1m x 1m, this suspended square-shaped pendant presides over a space, reducing reverb by up to 30% and allowing for greater speech intelligibility.  The organic bending and pressing of FOLI form a profile of sweeping curves which serve to create comfort and calm. Four leaves radiate from the centre to hang gently in mid-air, giving bold

  • Interpreting sound is instinctive, but understanding the science behind it is incredibly beneficial. To help, we've summarised the basics of how sound is produced and how it travels, so that you can create optimal, peaceful spaces. What is Sound? 'Sound' is a vibrational wave of pressure that travels from a source to our ears. It is, in essence, a rapid alternation of vibrations and silence. ‘Loudness’ and ‘tone’ are the two main attributes of sound. We measure these in Decibels and Hertz. Measurements of Sound The decibel (dB) is the easiest and a most convenient

  • We love open plan offices, but our ears… not so much. With the opportunity to collaborate, comes the inevitability of noise. Indisputably annoying but often entertaining, hearing everyone’s opinion on ‘The Bachelor’ last night has become an inevitable norm for those working in an open plan office. It works like this; the morning is quiet until someone boots the heater on, computers log on and coffee machines rip into action. People greet each other from across the office, prompting others to join in. They begin talking just a bit louder to

  • Our bodies are always sensing the world around us. Unwanted sound in our environment leaves a lasting effect on our health and wellbeing, influencing our moods, cognition and behaviour. Hearing loss is not the only thing we should worry about when it comes to noisy environments. Insomnia, heart disease, poor concentration and chronic stress, are all common problems caused by too much sound. According to Julian Treasure, chairman of 'The Sound Agency,' the non-auditory problems caused by noise is growing fast.  Your ears are always on - you have no ear lids.

Acustico Lighting acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung and Boonwurrung People as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate our business, and that sovereignty has never been ceded.