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We recently caught up with Tim Lee, director of Latitude Lighting, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Having worked in electrical construction and the lighting industry for more than 20 years, Tim knew he wanted to do things differently, and do them better. For him, better means taking more environmental responsibility, and always working with good people.


Latitude’s Values

An essential value guiding Latitude Lighting is the reduction of glare, a disruptive element in lighting environments. Latitude’s solution involves installing technically advanced light sources with quality diffusers, resulting in a noticeable reduction in glare. By considering various angles and each project’s unique surroundings, thoughtfully placed fixtures add intimacy to large rooms and enhance visual comfort.


A feature of Latitude Lighting’s approach lies in their thoughtfully curated product range. Every lighting fixture stocked by Latitude is carefully selected to harmonise aesthetically, allowing for seamless integration of functional lighting on a larger scale. Tim chose the Acustico Lighting range to complement and enhance the other offerings, creating cohesive lighting environments balancing functionality and stand-out pieces.

Un-packaging lighting

Latitude Lighting began with a desire to redefine industry norms. A core element of Latitude’s philosophy revolves around taking a more active role in doing better for the environment. Through partnerships with their stocked brands, Latitude has instigated positive changes including plastic-free packaging, a shift toward recycled aluminium and reduction in air miles through local manufacturing wherever possible. An impactful example of reducing plastic waste  is their collaboration with a Spanish manufacturer, which led to the removal of all plastic from packaging in shipments to New Zealand, eliminating a staggering 5,000 bags that would otherwise have been discarded after transportation.

Why offer acoustic lighting?

Why is Acustico Lighting an important addition to his range? Tim believes that by creating calm spaces with decreased background noise, acoustic lighting often acts as a cornerstone of lighting installation projects. Tim, who personally experiences hearing challenges, relates with these transformative benefits. The unique softness of the acoustic foam used in the Opera range provides texture to the simple silhouettes, contributing to their versatility and ability to adapt to diverse spaces.

The recent Maycroft build used the Medium Opera Pendants to reduce echoes, coming from the noisy aluminium roof covering the large open-plan office space.


Lighting design in New Zealand

Operating in New Zealand comes with its own set of challenges. Latitude Lighting navigates these hurdles by prioritising cost-effective installations that balance functional and decorative lighting. Overcoming the geographical distance by forming strategic partnerships allows Latitude to maintain control over the entire process.

Tim’s vision for the reduction of glare and other sensory challenges, and the creation of versatile spaces, makes Latitude Lighting a trusted supplier for transforming spaces into havens of comfort and functionality.


Acustico Lighting acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung and Boonwurrung People as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate our business, and that sovereignty has never been ceded.