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We ask that products are returned to Acustico Lighting at the end of their usage period. We have agreements in place with our suppliers who commit to upcycling approximately 80% of the materials.

All of our acoustic foam is upcycled to make carpet underlay (Australia currently imports this foam as we do not have enough).

All aluminium components are sent to a recycling facility.  E-waste is disposed of appropriately.


We respect our customers investment. It is important that the products we bring into this world have value to its users. We make in Australia, in small batches, thus eliminating the ‘sell lots and fast’ mentality that seems to have consumed our world’s retail sector.

We use predominantly Global GreenTag certified materials and have an agreement with our suppliers that 80% of materials can either be recycled or repurposed.


‘Greenwashing’ pervades the consumer products industry, and we are not OK with it. We make it a point to communicate that our product impact isn’t perfect, but we’re conscientious about minimising it. Utilizing offcuts for smaller items in our collection helps minimize waste of raw materials. We’re transparent about our ability to upcycle most of our waste, though it’s not feasible for our entire materials inventory.  For example, our electronics are sourced from Europe and not end-of-life recyclable, but we ensure they’re disposed of properly in e-waste facilities.

Designing products with minimal wastage in mind has sometimes meant putting excellent designs on the scrap heap due to material inefficiency. 

Our packaging isn’t beautiful, it comprises a mish-mash of recycled materials to safeguard products during transit. 

Upholding ethical standards is a core commitment for us. As stewards of the Acustico Lighting brand, we believe in purposeful manufacturing, recognizing its significance for both the industry’s future and our planet.

We’re on a journey of exploration, inviting our community to participate by providing feedback and engaging in dialogue. Transparency, we believe, is paramount for growth, improvement, and staying aligned with our values.

Happy, healthy and productive people are the result of a calm environment.  Our lights, made with low VOC properties, assist people to experience a sensorily pleasant, healthy living and working environment.

The acoustic foam we use includes CompriShield, a treatment providing persistent anti-bacterial odour protection as well as mould and mildew resistance.  CompriShield is a natural, sustainable, bio based microbial control solution derived from coconut oil.


Global GreenTag Credential

Global Green Tag, Rate A – Most of our collection of Acustico Lighting products use an acoustic foam product which has Global GreenTag certification.

What does a Global GreenTag credential represent?

Global GreenTag is considered one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels. They independently assure that every product is fitness tested and certified under one of two leading certification programs that use the world’s best scientific methods. Products certified by Global GreenTag demands full disclosure of every product element and process and assesses the product holistically over its entire life cycle. 

As a result, they have earned the reputation and trust of thousands of buyers, hundreds of companies and numerous green building councils, certification bodies and governments around the world. Global GreenTag makes it easy for consumers to recognise the best in healthy eco-products with globally trusted Certification standards that are recognised in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, South Africa, Africa and SE Asia, and in over 70 other countries.

The acoustic foam has also been independently certified as free of harmful substances according to the strict global criteria of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.  Standard 100 certifies that products are free of harmful chemical substances and safe for direct contact with the skin.


ReSea Project is tackling ocean plastic pollution by documenting and tracking all plastic removed from oceans and rivers using blockchain technology. This ensures the highest level of traceability of the origin of the plastic and its onward journey to a local waste bank partner for further distribution.

With our commitment we are making a tangible impact in the fight against ocean plastic pollution. ReSea Proiect is a community-driven clean-up solution, employing people in local communities in Indonesia to clean plastic waste from oceans and rivers. By ensuring fair compensation to the cleanup team, our support of ReSea Project contributes to improved living conditions for the cleanup team and their families.

Acustico Lighting in partnership with ReSea Project has made an annual commitment to take a minimum of 625kg of plastic from our oceans and rivers. In more easily digestable terms, this is equivalent to 25,000 plastic bottles or 500,00 plastic straws or 50,000 plastic bags.

Acustico Lighting acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung and Boonwurrung People as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate our business, and that sovereignty has never been ceded.