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Elegantly designed with 70’s inspired geometric lines and a curved, plump underside, the super-sized surface area of our FOLI Acoustic Light works by absorbing sound waves before they bounce from surface to surface. Measuring over 1m x 1m, this suspended square-shaped pendant presides over a space, reducing reverb by up to 30% and allowing for greater speech intelligibility. 

The organic bending and pressing of FOLI form a profile of sweeping curves which serve to create comfort and calm. Four leaves radiate from the centre to hang gently in mid-air, giving bold personality to a space.

FOLI’s oversized, punchy form provides ample surface area to soak up noise where it starts: Above boardroom meetings or open-plan workspaces, where noise levels tend to build up as people scramble to be heard over one another. FOLI offers sensory serenity by creating acoustic calm: Less distracting background noise results in more focus, with fewer feelings of overstimulation and the resulting tiredness. Good office lighting and acoustics can be a game changer in providing uninterrupted moments of relaxation and focus for staff, resulting in a more productive working experience where the whole space is acoustically calmer.

Founder and Creative Director, Samantha McKenzie says, “When we pare back the true motivation for eliminating unwanted noise, it is everyone’s desire to be able to focus and feel calm. Whether we are in the workplace, library or our favourite restaurant, we like to feel comfortable and connected to the people we’re spending time with.”

All materials in our new FOLI Acoustic Pendant have been carefully considered to reduce impact on the environment. Our acoustic foam is Global GreenTag Certified Level A, production waste is minimised by efficient nesting of materials, and at the end of life, aluminium is recycled, and foam upcycled. We take environmental impact seriously, and support clean waterways by donating a percentage of profits to the ReSea Project who remove plastic waste from our oceans and rivers. We hope FOLI will have a long and lustrous life wherever it is installed. Nevertheless, it is designed for disassembly: at the end of its lifecycle, all the components can be separated and recycled.

About Acustico Lighting

The development of Acustico Lighting came about in direct response to seeking to solve a problem for a client’s noisy boardroom. Our collections are designed to promote purposeful living. We believe in creating experiences of sensory serenity through sound, texture, materials, form, and space.  In creating spaces that make us feel comfortable and connected, the people and things around us become important and meaningful. 

The Acustico Lighting collections are designed by a passionate team here in Melbourne and proudly made here in Victoria by local craftspeople.

We have been the proud recipient of a Gold Good Design Award for our first Opera Collection for which it also won an International LIT Award.  A finalist in the Premier’s Design Awards for its second collection, Brutalis.  FOLI Acoustic Light is our 3rd collection.

Acustico Lighting acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung and Boonwurrung People as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate our business, and that sovereignty has never been ceded.