Our Business Operations Lead


Natalie Martin

Business Operations Lead

Natalie brings 20+ years of experience in the architecture and design industry to the Acustico team.

Having worked in the niche areas of commercial furniture and healthcare, Natalie shares a deep understanding of how to enhance and utilise spaces for maximum impact and efficiency.

Her attention to detail complements her background in high end furniture specification, and is vital to her current role in managing quality assurance and client relations with Acustico.

Natalie’s sharp eye for design combined with her practicality and empathy are an invaluable asset to solving client challenges with ease.

Natalie wholeheartedly embraces Acustico Lighting’s offering to absorb sound in noisy spaces. It’s also no coincidence as Natalie has spent her life managing misophonia, a condition surprisingly common and often heckled, elicits negative emotional responses to specific everyday sounds.

Top five things that light Natalie up


1. Family

2. Beautiful design - be it furniture, clothes, fabrics, art, shoes and more

3. Friendship - the authentic, deep and laugh a lot kind

4. Nature - the ocean, camping, mountains and big trees win

5. Property - always looking!

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