Meet the Founder


Samantha McKenzie


Samantha’s personal story plays a big part in the growth of the business. The silver lining to dealing with two years of vestibular migraine, was her raised awareness of the challenges and negative health impact of noisy collaborative spaces drove Samantha to find a solution.

She gathered local craftspeople and spent two years in research and development focused on human centred design and the desire to create an acoustic lighting Collection with triple impact – to make spaces look, sound and feel better.

Heavily influenced by a stint living in northern Italy, Samantha’s travel has refined her design aesthetic and she aptly named the business Acustico Lighting after the Italian word, pronounced ‘a’kustiko’ which quite simply means ‘acoustic’.

Samantha is immensely proud to have created a Collection with ethical local manufacturing that is also good for our planet. She has a strong vision for future collections and for the social impact that Acustico Lighting can make both locally and globally.

I always start with how I want a space to feel. Design is not just about the visual elements, it needs to cater to all the senses.

Five Things that light me up!


1. Four fun boys that make a home

2. A ‘walk and talk’ with long time girlfriends

3. Adventures - Where to? I’m there!

4. Design - a well-designed product or interior never fails to excite

5. A chilli Margarita on a Friday night

In Stock

Our lights are made to order, but occasionally we have some additional stock. These items are currently in stock for immediate purchase and delivery.
A huge thank you to our friends who have have supported Acustico Lighting on its journey.